The Bella Vida Yoga Community


We come together on the mat to build balance, strength, and flexibility. 

The Bella Vida Yoga community makes its home in an intimate studio in Westfield, New Jersey. Here, we offer a range of heated and non heated Vinyasa classes, at various levels, appropriate for all skill levels.

Each of our classes are designed to help you grow at your own pace. Not only will our instructors help you find your center, they will keep you motivated and inspired.

We see our studio as a community – joining spiritual forces to empower one another through challenge and success. Bella Vida Yoga exists as a force of light and good for our northern New Jersey neighbors.


Karma Yogi Program


Deepen your practice by joining our Karma Yogi Program! We are actively seeking students to help out around the studio in exchange for free classes. Email for more information.


Bella Vida Founder

Even when she first came to yoga as a teenager, Bella was aware of the non-physical, but far more rewarding, spiritual aspects of her practice. She grew as a yogi, and developed that practice. Every new pose Bella mastered was both another physical hurdle overcome and another key to understanding a hidden spiritual reality. Later, she knew something apparent to all who welcome yoga into their lives: that hidden spiritual reality is what matters most, and understanding the universe as the expression of that reality allows us to overcome any hardship or adversity. Bella sees Bella Vida Yoga as not only a way to elevate her own practice, but also as the opportunity to share the insights and perspective from which she has benefited throughout her decades-long yoga journey.

Bella has received the following credentials:

2014 – Began training at the Baron Baptiste Institute in Hawaii.
2014 – Became certified to assist inmates through practice of yoga.
2014 – Completed the Art of Assistance program through the Baron Baptiste Institute in Maryland City.
2015 – Completed the required 300 hrs certification through Source Movement Academy.
2016 – Opened Bella Vida Yoga in New Jersey. Completed level 1 and 2 at the Baron Baptiste Institute.


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