Frequently Asked Questions



What time should I arrive?

The studio opens at least 15 minutes before the start of each class. Please arrive 5 minutes before the start of class to check in. We close the doors promptly at the start of class.

What if I need to cancel?

Should you need to cancel class after signing up online, if you do so more than 1 hour prior to the start of class, you will not be charged for class. However, cancelling less than 1 hour before class and no shows will be charged for the session.

What are the benefits of heated yoga? 
- Increased strength, and flexibility
- Decreased blood pressure
- Feelings of mindfulness, calmness, and clarity
- Enhances relaxation
- Improves emotional, and physical health
- Improves pain management
- Improves focus
- Detoxification: Flushing toxins as you sweat!
- Lowers stress levels

What type of heating system do you use?
Bella Vida uses an infrared heating system, similar to the heat natural sunlight gives off, making it a form of heat that is easily processed by our bodies.  Infrared heat is suitable for those who may experience respiratory issues due to its organic element.  This heating system does not recirculate air like most systems making it much more hygienic. Infrared increases circulation, flexibility, and detoxification to create an amazing cleansing effect at the cellular level.  Who knew that a heating system could do so much!

How hot does the studio get?
The room reaches 90 degrees during our heated classes.

Do I bring my own mat, and props?
Though we encourage the use of your own mat,  you are more than welcome to rent our Jade Yoga mats for $3.00. We have plenty of blocks, bolsters, and straps to use free of charge!

How long do the classes run for?
Our classes vary depending on the time the class is offered.  We offer 60 and 75 minute classes depending on the day and time. Be sure to check the schedule here to see how long your class runs.

Who can take heated yoga?
Heated yoga is open to all levels - it starts with you! We encourage you to come as you are ready to accept the challenge.

How do I reserve my spot for class?
The Bella Vida team utilizes a platform called Mindbody so that students can easily reserve their spots in class online.  Please follow the link provided under ‘schedule’ on our site to book online or use the Mindbody app on your mobile device to reserve your spot.  Please be sure to sign in for class prior to coming to ensure that you have ample space to practice your flow comfortably. Although you do not need to reserve your spot (as we do accept walk-in's), it is preferable!

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes! Bella Vida offers a discounted membership pricing to Military, Teachers, Students, and First Responders.  In addition, we offer family add-ons at a reduced rate.  Please refer to our ‘pricing’ page for more details.

If I get a membership, can I cancel or freeze?

Memberships can be frozen for up to 3 months and can be done twice per year. You can cancel your membership anytime after 3 months. If you are physically unable to practice and provide a medical note you can cancel at anytime.

What if I’m not very flexible?
Our classes are designed for all different bodies and fitness levels. You don’t need to be a yoga guru to practice! Your flexibility may increase the more you practice. Come as you are!