Empower and Inspire… Get to know Bella Vida Yoga!

Chase your dreams, follow you heart, and have a positive impact on the world around you.  Sounds so simple when you read it!  But… we’re human and life can be crazy. We can all attest to that.  Work, family, friends; each avenue creates its own set of challenges for us.  Some days it’s just enough to get by, survive, and make it to tomorrow.  But is that the best we can do?  Is that really living to our fullest potential?  Struggle is a part of life.  We all have days that test our limits, and staying in a positive mindset can seem nearly impossible at times.  Yoga is an incredible tool that, both on and off the mat, can enhance every aspect of life.  Creating a mindfulness of self and a mindfulness of the body, it also creates a mindfulness of our surroundings.  It offers us a way to gain perspective.  When you begin to explore yourself and your connection between the mind and the body, you begin to see yourself more clearly. 

In turn, you can see others more clearly.  Perhaps you notice someone else who is having a similar struggle at work, or you come to yoga class and share space with the person on the mat next to yours and feel a connection that is beyond words.  No matter what, or how, the effort to become mindful opens our eyes and our hearts.  While we think of yoga as an individual practice and we may each seek something different every time we arrive onto our mat, it allows us to create community. 

That is what we are about here at Bella Vida Yoga.  Connection with self.  Connection with others.  By inspiring ourselves, empowering our own minds and bodies, we can let that radiate to others.  Through yoga we can reach others on a deeper level, and by building a community together we can foster that empowerment and let it flourish.  Share your heart, spread light to those around you.  By coming together we can generate strength, lift one another up, and truly begin to shine. Chase your dreams, follow you heart, and have a positive impact on the world around you.  Live life to its fullest potential.  Let’s come together and hold space for one another.  Remember that you are not on this journey alone.